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Locals taxi boatloads of partygoers out to this island in preparation for the heart-pounding party that rage all night in honour of the full moon.

There’s a variety of music playing, and peddlers take advantage of their corner on the market by selling all sorts of souvenirs, food and other ingestibles at exorbitant prices.

This is also the seedier side of the island with its fair share of go-go bars and the periphery of business that comes along with it.

Live bands and slightly more upscale bars and clubs can be found at Chaweng Beach.

Ao Tong Takian is also called Silver Beach due to the glimmer of its sand and shimmering water; Lamai Beach is a popular family destination in light of the abundant water sports and activities; Choeng Mon offers higher-class accommodation in a remote setting and Chaweng Beach rallies as the most popular among tourists, with its peripheral of exciting activities like Muay Thai boxing and bungee jumping.