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There is not a listed amount of lead under OSHA but only safe levels of air while doing the work.For non-friable asbestos work you can now prove your exposure is below the PEL and/or excursion limit for asbestos and your crews are working safe. The subject material makes sense and it was presented well. It was great being able to have just our small group in training this morning.

Needless to say, there is a high ceiling for improving the UIA’s system.

But the current changes appear to focus on improving access and customer service.

Learn from the best trainers of this EPA certified renovator class. We are a database of Negative Exposure Assessments for the construction industry for lead paint work and non-friable asbestos abatement.

We teach lead training for EPA / HUD thru-out Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, and most all the U. This data is updated several time per year for all tasks, as work is available to monitor.

For both employers and individuals using the UIA’s system, this (probably) is good news.