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Many of the oldsters who were around when CSS was just a dream and Ajax was still used to scrub toilets also traded reminiscences of Burning Man, tech society's annual prom.Mozilla Foundation chair Mitchell Baker earned part of her 0,000 salary by giving a brief speech.

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Leah culver dating

The web application was made with Django, an open source web application framework, written in Python. The desktop application was written in Flex for Adobe's AIR platform.

Ignite Power Point presentation spectacular hosted by O' Reilly Radar's Brady Forrest and Etsy's Bre Pettis.

Henderson and Waldman traveled to Hawaii together, and have made jokes — on Twitter and Flickr, of course — about Henderson wishing Waldman shared his last name and calling her his "fake wife." It's all so darling, veering on disturbing.

Programming Django isn't quite the same as dropping Dorothy Parker quips at lushed-out parties, but Pownce cofounder Leah Culver's line last night warmed even my cynical heart.

Flickr developer Cal "Don Juan 2.0" Henderson wasn't wearing a sweater, but he did look to be wearing For quippy superstar engineer Cal Henderson, the fellow who has kept Flickr from crashing all these years, attendance at Yahoo's Hack Day developer event was all but mandatory, since he works there.