Lonley women dating who is priyanka dating

These "lonely" signs below will help you figure out his deal once and for all.

Unfortunately, it may be time to find a better match. If you realize through conversations that he has zero other activities going on in his life, chances are he may be friendless and a little alone.

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Don't settle for just keeping someone company if you want more than that.

If you've noticed that he has a tendency to ditch you if literally else comes up, that may be a red flag."If he drops you the minute he's got something going with someone else — anyone else (his sister, his college roommate's cousin, his dry cleaner's mother) — chances are, you're a filler in his day so that he doesn't have to face the metaphorical four walls of his lonely life," says Masini.

Stef Safran, a Chicago-based matchmaker, says that if a guy claims he's not looking for a long-term relationship right now, you should believe him.

There's a chance he may just be keeping you around to quell his loneliness."If he tells you this once, listen to it," says Safran.

In 2005, Senegalese-American R&B and hip hop singer Akon borrowed and sampled lyrics from this song for his 2005 hit single "Lonely", which features on his debut studio album Trouble.