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Additionally, Ok Cupid researchers found that captioning photos increases your chances for a like by 30 percent.The last thing you want to do is look like a spam bot or someone who can barely make the effort to write a few sentences about themselves.Also, on the off-chance that someone's seen your profile before and swiped left based on one photo, adding new pics gives you a second shot at that first digital impression.

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"Be sure to show a well-rounded version of yourself [and] try to show off your family, your friends, your hobbies." Ok Cupid's team found that regularly adding new photos doubles profile likes, and it makes sense.

For one thing, if you have totally different hair in the Instagram you linked out to, it can come off like you never check your app.

If you're on an app that lets you link out to your Spotify, take advantage of it to immediately excite potential partners—you have something in common!

Anything else that might make someone say "OMG ME TOO!

CS: What should you do if no one answers your profile?