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Select the restore point you wish to restore by left-clicking on the entry once.

Use a date when this was working Then click on the Next button at the restore point selection screen. Please, click the following link and allow the remote app to run:

It will complain the Volume is in use and to run on restart. I did as you said this morning and then finished your last instruction yesterday and just tested it now and it is still the same. webdownload=true- Then download and allow that remote app to run.- Once it is finished, please, tell me the 9 digit number that appears on the top of your screen. - Close all Internet Explorer windows (VERY IMPORTANT STEP)- Bring up the start menu- Type: inetcp L- Press the Enter key on the keyboard- Click the Advanced tab on the top right- Click the Reset button- Click the checkbox and click RESET- Open Internet Explorer and verify that all is well.

Say YES and restart the computer Than test and Let me know the results please Thank you I am trying to find All programs, Accessories and then right click on Command prompt but cannot find them on Windows 8. I downloaded the CC Cleaner, ran it, scanned and let it repair the registry and that is as far as I got.. More often than not, such an issues arises when something with the Internet Explorer configuration becomes corrupt. The instructions above can be used any time in the future if you have another problem with Internet Explorer. Your answer is interesting because I only use Google Chrome but whatever you did fixed the problem there.

Charges on my credit card with payments made to "friend finder" have been appearing for the past two months of the summer of 2015. I closed my account, but the charges re-occur on my new account.