Love webcam sex chat online - Migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault

If a user’s archive is larger than 20GB, multiple PSTs will be created.Lastly on this screen, choose how the PST hierarchy will be created within the PST.

migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault-6

The question came up as to how the Enterprise Vault information would be migrated to the Archive Mailbox and the message stubs be cleaned up so that user impact was minimal.

Below is the steps I worked through in order to make the end-to-end transition.

Since I want to export all items from the archives, I selected Export all items and clicked next.

You have the ability here to select only specific items if you are trying to clean up the archive at time of export. You will have to validate that there is enough space available in this directory for the users that are being exported.

Once each of the PST files have a mailbox designated as the target location, click on the Import All Now button.