Ms excel consolidating worksheet text data

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Reduce hundreds of mouse-clicks and keyboard typing every day for you, say goodbye to the mouse hand now. A window pops out for you selecting a folder to place the combined workbook, then click Save.

Compareed with well-known browsers, the tabbed tool in Office Tab is more powerful and more efficient.

Click to check the “Create links to source data” box if you want the master worksheet to be updated automatically when you add data to the worksheets in a different workbook. Click “Top row” if the category titles are located in the row of your data ranges, click “Left column “if the category titles are located in the left column, or choose both boxes if titles are located in both areas.21. Open the Excel worksheets that you want to consolidate.

This function only works if you are consolidating data from different workbooks. Locate the reference codes of the cells you will be consolidating on the master worksheet.23.

Open the master worksheet where you plan to consolidate the data.24.