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She doesn’t let her difficult past stop her.” In fact, the past drives her like a Ferrari on the last lap of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Natalia, 32, is the once-you’ve-seen-her-you-never-forget-her blue-eyed Russian model Natalia Vodianova, who electrified fashion runways in London, New York, Milan, and Paris a dozen years ago, when she starred in something like 40 shows that season.

Natalia Vodianova’s grim Soviet childhood is fashion-world legend by now—if hard to square with the supermodel’s gilded present.

Divorced from English aristocrat Justin Portman and living with LVMH scion Antoine Arnault in an elegant Paris apartment, the 32-year-old mother of four might have tried to forget her hardscrabble beginnings in Nizhny Novgorod.

Natalia’s teachers knew of the harsh realities of her home life, and they respected how the young girl tried her best anyway.