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“Cat Person” also suggests that Margot believes her own sexual pleasure to be secondary to Robert’s, because women have been conditioned to put themselves second.Especially in the bedroom.”Copy and paste if you need, but read it thoroughly – she’ll definitely ask you follow-ups.

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story by Kristen Roupenian about a night of bad sex, infiltrated Tinder: where bad sex is commissioned by the second. At first Robert accepts his rejection with good grace. They were thankful for a story that didn’t resort to black and white gender stereotypes of female victims and male abusers. And so a gender war ensued, with both armies sharpening their hashtags like tiny spears. "Cat Person" has touched a nerve, and they’ve lashed out as a result.”Wrong answer no.2: “U OK hun? Toxic masculinity is destructive for men as well as women, and, sadly for men, far more taboo.”Wrong answer no.4: "Miaow."**Right answer no.4: “When Margot was driven by Robert to a bar, and then went to his house, she was constantly thinking about whether Robert might rape or murder her.

While apps were heralded as the ideal way to engage readers on mobile, for most publishers apps are to mobile what the homepage is to desktop: a feature that few people beyond a relatively small core of readers will interact with once, much less on a daily basis.

“I don’t think there is anyone here who isn’t cognizant of all of that,” Thompson said.

The story is told by Margot, a 20-year-old college student, who narrates with painful mundanity the moment she feels too polite to back out from having sex with a 34-year-old man, Robert, whom she barely knows. His inexperience, his clumsy, sweaty hands, pawing at her body, his sloppy, pornographic thrusting and his hairy, flabby skin disgust her. Days later, he repeatedly messages Margot calling her a whore. It separated the internet into two camps: those who understood the significance of “Cat Person”, and those who dismissed it. Women understood the story because they related to it. ”**Right answer no.2: **“Cat Person" has shocked men who only know one narrative: that men have agency and women don't. It is depressing to realise how fearful women are of being alone with a man.