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Perhaps we have been spoilt by in line images and print in web pages.The changing face of politics in Newcastle during the pre and post wars is another interesting aspect of the book and Newcastle's Councils limited vision and provision is highlighted just as it was in the Victorian period.

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'To the east of the town centre there was a cluster of industries and workshops on the banks of the Ouseburn.

Glass making there dated back to the seventeenth century and there were potteries, brickyards, a copperas works, a foundry, small boatyards and a ropery.

Its unfortunate that references are numbered and that to find out more you need to refer to the index at the back of the book, some people prefer full references in the page which they can thumbnail or mark the page to come back to.

Another example of flipping backwards and forwards is with the illustrations which are very good and some quite rare; but they are in the middle of the book, understandably because of the expense of in line images on pages with print.

It appears that there are only concessions for people who are Job Seekers nothing for pensioners and people with low income.