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When combined with local hardware timestamping, good network switches, and even shorter polling intervals, a sub-microsecond accuracy and stability of a few tens of nanoseconds may be possible.

For example: For best stability, the CPU should be running at a constant frequency (i.e. Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) should be disabled in the network.

For IPv4 addresses, the reference ID is equal to the address, but for IPv6 addresses it is the first 32 bits of the MD5 sum of the address.

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But since then theres one problem bugging me: the NTP daemon won't sync anymore on boot and every reboot sets me back to 1970.

I already reinstalled ntp and use the default /etc/(removed the old one, renamed /etc/pacman to .conf)My Pi uses a static IP of and the router is on (which itself also does provide a NTP server)my /etc/netctl/network:but it doesnt work on boot this even bugged me right now while rgistering on the forum (human challenge: output of date -u %V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g' is just plain wrong when you live in the 70's ) This may be someting you need to ask on the Arch Linux ARM boards. The Rasbperry Pi doesn't have a Real Time Clock.

The clients will automatically replace the servers when they become unreachable, or otherwise unsuitable for synchronisation, with new servers from the pool.

will keep trying to access the sources that it thinks are online, and it will take longer before new measurements are actually made and the clock is corrected when the network is connected again.

First off: I use arch now more than a year on a raspberry and I love it!