Oklahoma state football player dating cowboys cheerleader

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While a number of these girls gained notoriety--and sometimes endorsement deals-because of their affiliation with a college football player--it's also true that in some cases, the women were already prominent student-athletes or prestigious beauty pageant award winners themselves Sometimes it was the WAG who raised the profile of the college football player!

This isn’t a “classic all-time list” but rather a compilation of college football WAGs who’ve dominated during this decade, since 2010, including a handful of active college players and their gorgeous girlfriends--and in some more serious relationships--wonderful wives! Savage was Johnny Football’s muse when he was at the height of his prowess and popularity as a Heisman-winning quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies in 2012, the first time a freshman ever took home college football's most renowned individual award.

This was just after the Manti Te’o fake-girlfriend story broke, and Craig wondered if someone was playing a joke on him.

He matched Daigle’s details with the Dallas’ cheerleader website, and eventually sent her a message.

noted, a bikini pic of the buxom Savage, a senior, was enough to make her an instant contender for hottest college football WAG with notables such as Katherine Webb, who might just be making a later appearance on this list.