Organize speed dating event

Renvoo is a speed dating singles event organizing and hosting company.

Networking and community-building don’t have to be hard, especially when you create an environment where it is expected.

(Sample survey items at the bottom of post.) When holding sessions locally, we also ask mentees to list their mentors, collaborators, and anyone they would prefer not to be matched with because they already have access to the individual. For an hour long session, plan for five pairings for each person; this allows a five minute intro, nine minutes for a mentee to talk to each mentor, and two minutes for transition time between each pairing.

To make pairs, the goal is to maximize the total number of content and methodologic areas (or other features you select like gender or department) that match between a mentor and a mentee. Matching can also be done by hand or using spreadsheets.

Step 3 Use a survey in advance to help tailor matches.