P diddy dating kate upton

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One week earlier, the duo was allegedly seen making out—just straight up, unabashed, , "they weren't hiding it."Since Kate Upton's boobs are the most popular boobs in the world right now, this is quite a coup for Diddy, best known today as "the actor from the Ciroc ads." It would have made more sense for him to be dating Kate Upton in, say, 1999, except then she would have been 7 years old, so that would not have made sense.(The protégée-turned-girlfriend, singer/former d ELi A*s catalogue model Cassie were house-hunting together in Beverly Hills in January.

Hopefully she picked out a nice house for Kate Upton to make out in.

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Gawker reports that Diddy and his protégée-turned-partner Cassie were house-hunting together in January.