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That's what Charlie Weis told Irish in an interview published by Yahoo! He said that Peter was cheating on his wife and having an affair with a grad student. According to the LA Times, Weis claims his comments about Pete Carroll were taken "totally out of context." Weis says that earlier in his conversation with Prister, in a portion that was not part of the interview, he mentioned internet rumors about Pete Carroll cheating on his current wife and dating a grad student.

So far, there are no official news items about it and no evidence from any other sources. Pete Carroll said statements about him that were attributed to former Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis on an Internet site were untrue and irresponsible.

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However, Weis gushed that he was being "totally subjective" when he said those bold statements to several reporters during a formal interview.

Furthermore, Weis said that he simply meant that "IF" Pete Carroll were secretly dating a college graduate, he would be greatly scrutinized given his success.

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Pete Carroll's girlfriend is the hot topic on sports news lately following Charlie Weis' scandalous statements about the Seattle Seahawks head coach's alleged scandal.

Weis even recognized that scandalous rumors have adversely affected lives of coaches and their families in the past.

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