Pippa dating

According to accounts of Kate’s life before marrying Prince William, the Middleton family was close-knit.

In fact, Kate’s parents credit the success of their party supplies company to the hard-working input from the family as a whole.

Cameras had captured Pippa’s flawless figure as she wore the infamous white dress at her sister’s wedding when she acted as Kate’s maid of honor.

Unfortunately for the seemingly happy trio, another recent event sparked further speculation that the feud was alive and well.

There was a brief shining moment in history when royal fans started speculating that perhaps Prince Harry might hook up with Kate Middleton’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton.

Though that never happened, there are still people who believe things would be much easier if it had.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex both attended her wedding reception when she married hedge fund manager James Matthews (though Markle wasn’t welcome at the ceremony to keep attention on the bride).