Frre no tegistration sex chat - R niall and demi dating

After the rumors of them crushing on each other, they both have officially admitted their mutual crush and are now Skyping each other!

Both admitted their crushes during recent interviews, even with Demi clearly saying that One Direction is for her and she is not crazy about The Wanted.

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He doesn't have any plans in going into a relationship soon because he wants 'THE PERFECT' girl.

He only had one girlfriend named Ashley, but he later broke up with her because he found out that she was only using him because of his fame & fortune.

Here is what she all tweeted to Niall and Demi both, if you are a tad curious.

I got to say, it does sound like a good start to a possible relationship.

Niall Horan and selena Gómez aré not dating,why arent they?