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The mixers are held in a variety of locations so there will never be one too far from you. These features will better your chance of finding a match but have mixed reviews.Payment can be processed only by checks and wire-transfer. Millionaire’s Club was founded by television dating star Patti Stanger.

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Even if you can't pay for the apparel in these stores, you'll be perusing the men, not the clothing racks. Many dating sites are targeted just for this very endeavor.

Sugardaddie.com, and are all online sites that hook up rich older men with single ladies. Rich older men can be found at charity events or other volunteer-type settings.

If you are looking for a way to live a jet setter, high-class lifestyle but aren't equipped with the bank account for it, the answer to your financial woes could be waiting for you in the form of a nice, single, rich man.

Dating an older, richer man can make you privy to the expensive things your crave but are forced to live without.

Instead of being a website where you browse through a large database and that is it, Millionaire’s Club also has a strong focus on its other services.