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is going to have a real uphill battle ahead of him if he intends to marry Cheryl Hines.

Bobby began dating Cheryl after splitting from his wife Mary who hung herself at home back in May 2012.

But John’s friend Gary Ginsberg said he thought John handled death better than anyone he knew. Soon after his mother’s death, he moved out of Hannah’s apartment on the Upper West Side, back down into a newly renovated loft apartment in an industrial-looking building on N. Around that time John went to the VIP showroom at Calvin Klein and saw Carolyn Bessette there. The head of public relations at Calvin Klein, Carolyn was a bombshell with an exotic look. “John was attracted to women who were not intimidated by him,” his friend Richard Wiese said.

“He lost cousins, he lost parents, and he was incredibly unemotional,” he told me. “He liked women with a point of view.” Carolyn grew up in a big, white clapboard house on Lake Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut, and attended St.

Below is a part of his story, in the week of the 20th anniversary of his death on the way to Martha’s Vineyard for a summer weekend.