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Basically, there was no money to pay for the home until it was sold and turned a profit. It's from Robin Milligan but return address is Molalla Or (same state) and # is 888-855-8695. The text of the post cards are all the same with the opening line being: "I'm interested buying your house." The closing line is always "so call me if you're interested in a no-hassle CASH sale." The phone number provided on the post card to call this person is 888-855-8695 but the person answering the call is not Robin Milligan and there appears to be no way to contact this person.There were even instances of the Home Vestor buyer backing out of the deal because they couldn’t sell it off. I am not interested in selling my house and never contacted this organization or Robin Milligan. I'm holding a card this moment I received from a Homevesters rep named Robin Milligan phone:720.574.2283 address:99 Inverness Drive E suite 140 Englewood, CO 80112. I live in Atlanta, GA but still own property in Colorado. Inverness is the location of a number of office centers.

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These individuals can take courses and seminars, offered locally, for a lot less money. Usually the other party is known to the agent and there has to be enough in the deal for everyone to get paid except the original seller. I asked them not to send me mail that they are harassing me, I was told it was just like ads for stores sent to me.

Essentially, these franchisees are simply paying to use the brand, We Buy Ugly Houses. I was told that I could opt out of the mail but must call the number on the letter. but when my daughter and 3 grandkids had to move it, it became quickly apparent that we needed more room.

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