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While in school, he became fascinated with the internet and created simple web pages after studying the HTML coding language.One of the pages he created was a simple blog that he updated once a day. Towards the end of college, Daryush was frustrated with his sex life.

In 2011, Roosh added ‘Bang Iceland,’ to his series of books detailing how to trick women into sex in different countries across the globe (other entries include ‘Bang Ukraine’ and ‘Bang Poland’).

The book purports to offer “sex tourists” advice on how they may bed as many attractive locals as possible through tricks and guile (or as he calls it, improving their “game”).

He didn’t have confidence in himself and didn’t know how to flirt with women.

He decided that he wanted to fix this problem to be able to sleep with any woman he desired, so he began studying “game” on the internet to help him accomplish his goal.

After he graduated from university in 2001, he started learning how to talk to women in bars and clubs by walking up to them and starting a conversation.