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Not essential but Sarah Vaughan fans will enjoy this reissue.

"Did she just tell those to guys to fight each-other?

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I am going to take over some creative license and change a lot about the episodes and visions, probably. And I am going to change the kind of setup for some of the episodes, especially the ones I make up, because I am not nearly as creative as the creators of this wonderful show Update (literally 4 hours later): I can't think of any way to put my writing style except for it might take a turn to kinda look like Supernatural, just in the chapter setup and some little things you might catch here or there if you've ever seen the show Benny x Erica and Erica x Sarah A weird little one-shot thing I wrote kind of as a joke.

Set between seasons 1 and 2 in a strange AU where Erica doesn't know Benny for some reason.

They decide to go down to Beeny's family cabin that's located in small town called Beacon Hills , California.

Their even more happier to known that Rory's ditching them for someone soccer player name Victoria.

The actor revealed his latest work of art on Saturday, and it’s not a pretty picture.

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