Sex role play chat room

My 12 year old son enjoyed chatting with others who he thought enjoyed similar interests and writing stories was slowly introduced to role play chats that moved into mature language and sexual content and was told to lie about his age and to hide this from his parents.

so then I try chat new members, got talking and posted a picture of the snow ooutside, was quickly scolded not to post 'selfies', literally the next day on the same chat room I go in and see a friend of the moderator posting a picture of himself with his cat so what I have noticed is it seems like a lot of little napoleons running that website what's not okay for everyone new seems to be ok for certain people and certain things you can say certain things you can't say but yet they let other people it's just very random super hypocritical and it shows favoritism in the worst way there were too many rules and regulations it turned what was fun into not fun at all bunch of little Nazis running that website I think it'd be a great idea but not as an amino seems to me the amino sites they just let little crazy people run that get to pick and choose who their favorites are and when the rules apply I tried this app myself a few years back.

I was disgusted to find out that although there were many communities you could join, the app actively encouraged you to switch on notifications, and stay active on the app.

please, please, please not let your kid have this, for their sake.

I don't think that this app is as bad as what the other parents are saying, I use this app myself and I love it.

Mold and shape him/her the way you want - but be aware of 'Mary Sue' traits.