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--gosujohn women around me without a long-term commitment seemto be the ones having the most children. most of them don't actually raise their children to adulthood, they're taken away at some point.

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These are not intended to be just me expounding philosophically to an audience. What's the worst that could happen - they just won't say much. Other stuff: Does it make sense to go insurance now and switch to consulting after I pass exams, since consulting pays better ? Because I'm lucky, and for some reason, I assume completely independent of my mean parenting approach, I have pretty good kids. I just realized that all those boy stories JAS has ever told us are all true.

Lots of random threads that I thought were worth linking to. Westley needs to come back and organize, but has not done so as of August 2017. Really bad recruiter stories: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Threads on negotiating: t=73827 (Post #32 is particularly good) Networking event discussion: t=324231 Bumped because I think newbies could learn something from this thread, particularly my post 28 (but read the whole thing up to there): t=342484 This is where I was just storing some junk that amused me, probably can skip and I'll find someplace else to put it later. --gomer_tree We've decided to compromise and do it her way ---Pseudolus The more information we have, the more useful our responses. --Woodrow Make sure she is real easy on the eyes and also just easy in general. --tbug I think the people on this board have the math skills to figure out that they can do better than to pay $400 for half an hour with a $300/hour hooker. Because when she makes crap up, it's really really boring.

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