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Aidan Mc Cormack, 36, from Chicago, began life as a biological female.In 2005, he started the gender reassignment process.

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The final cost for her procedures will be around $65,000, but the out-of-pocket costs will be only about $6,000. In the end, says Mc Cormack, “Do whatever you can to make yourself more comfortable with your body.

“Bottom surgery is mainly covered,” says Shanahan, as is travel to California, where the surgery will take place. “I have to pay a lot upfront for electrolysis and that’s $75 per hour.” As generous as her insurance plan is, reimbursements are slow. But the truth is your gender is not dependent on any procedure.

“I include them in my transition costs because of the lack of access to care, underemployment, anxiety and weight gain, all as a result of being trans.” In a recent report issued by the Center for American Progress, transgender people experience unemployment at twice the rate of the population as a whole.

Mc Cormack is still waiting on “top” surgery, after having completed hormone therapy, and has researched physicians based on price and procedures offered.

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