Signs you are dating an alcoholic Adult hotchat signup

A tell-tale sign that you're dating an alcoholic is that your partner isn't really telling you how much he or she's drinking each day.

Many people with a drinking problem rely on alcohol to numb their feelings and help them to deal with stress around them so that they don't have to think about or confront what's actually happening in their life.

If your partner uses alcohol as a way to cope and turns to the bottle in order to deal with his or her work problems, family problems, loneliness, or simply the ups and downs of everyday life, your partner may have a drinking problem as well.

Another clear indicator that you're dating an alcoholic is that your partner becomes visibly upset and frustrated when he or she's unable to drink.

You may even see a much angrier and darker side of your partner when he or she realizes that he or she can't drink at that particular time.

Have you ever found empty bottles of alcohol in your trashcan and don't know how they got there?