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If you only had one minute to introduce yourself to a would-be partner, would you also use it to talk about your profession or social success? THAN BEING= Remember that after prepositions and conjunctions we use –ING.

BRIDESMAID= A woman who attends the bride at a wedding.

WEALTH= Riches (lots of money and other material possessions).

A WEALTH GROUP is a company whose job is basically to help rich people become richer by administering and investing their moneys in a more efficient way. PENSION PLANS= If you have a pension plan, you usually put some money aside every month and your bank or investing company will invest that money to make it grow.

Lorsque la relation significative antérieure est rompue et lorsque le réseau social semble vide de partenaire envisageable, le apparaît comme un moyen sécurisé de rencontrer des inconnus afin de résoudre l’injonction moderne du « libre choix du conjoint », dans un contexte contradictoire qui valorise à la fois la famille nucléaire et le mode désirant.