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Because they're so taken with the idiosyncrasies of others' behaviors and interactions, Byrne and Clark constantly run the risk of their music tipping over into obsessiveness, of living up to the lifeless caricatures they're ostensibly picking apart.

Especially considering the expectations attending a project created by two kindred spirits with ideas and talent to spare, is a disappointment.

At any rate, trying to dissect the collaboration's inner workings is beside the point when the whole is this dazzlingly creative.

She also studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts but dropped out after 3 years.

Her professor of Guitar at Berklee was Lauren Passarelli.

You could argue that David Byrne and Annie Clark collaborating on an album in 2012 is better framed by the question immediately asked of any such high-profile pairing: "Why?

" On the surface, the two have quite a few commonalities.

Both Byrne and Clark are equally fascinated by the theatricality of everyday life: the scripts and performances that drive our days and raise the stakes of our mundane interactions to the level of high drama or (for this duo) dark comedy.