Sugardaddie dating sites dreamboy kpop dating sim game help

Next it asks you for basic information including a physical description, age, education, and smoking and drinking preferences.

Your search results come up with pictures and usernames, but no other information to give you a hint at what the potential Sugar Daddy is like. To find out any information, you have to go to each and every Sugar Daddie that came up on your search which can be in the hundreds or thousands.

If they aren’t going to provide any hints about the profile, I think there should be more filters available for running a Sugar Daddie search, but even then, having to spend so much time checking profiles for even basic information is going to take much more time that I want to spend looking at Sugar Daddie profiles that I’m not even remotely interested in after a brief look.

I can’t say that I see the point of it, when you can’t even access the person’s profile page while on this screen.

All in all, I think the quality score is silly, but it at least gives a Sugar Baby an idea of how busy she’s been on the site.

Fear not though, for I have indeed found better sites, so come back soon and see what I’ve found next.