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We invite you to participate in the round and become an investor in Tap (starting at 0) Learn more here: (link in bio)It's time for another Tap Feature Friday, and this week's theme is back to school 🍎 • • Tap has become an instrumental learning tool for kids, and just like other languages, kids pick up Tapping incredibly quickly! Tap and b8ta are teaming up to bring you a dynamic demo day! 🔥 • What Tap features do you want to see every Friday?

I am most impressed by the learning system, which makes it hard to put Tap down. You guys have created an amazing piece of tech that will forever change how one interacts with their phone.

Tap could also be a revolutionary device for those with disabilities…

(Link in bio 👀) • Want to see a specific feature highlighted by Tap?

Let us know in the comments below, and check back every week for a new Tap Feature Friday! Today we’re highlighting our Tap mapping music feature with one of our favorite user videos.

🍎📚 Get ready for your best year yet when you take 25$ off any Tap purchase until August 14! Enter to win a FREE Tap for the super student in your life at the link in bio 👀 . This week, in honor of the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, we’re showcasing how Tap works when paired with the Microsoft Hololens.