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Taylor kitsch and brooklyn decker dating

I mean, that's in the distant future, but that's always been a goal of mine.

Decker and her tennis player husband, Roddick, married in 2009 and Decker once commented that she couldn't wait to be barefoot and pregnant.

The former Sports Illustrated model can be seen laying on the floor in white lingerie as part of her promotional work for upcoming film Battleship, which also stars Rihanna.25-year-old Brooklyn and Ri Ri star in the picture alongside Taylor Kitsch and Liam Neeson and she recently told Xpose that herself and the Barbadian beauty were ‘tomboys at heart’.

Brooklyn said: ‘I don’t want to speak for her [Rihanna] but I think what we have in common is that we both loved being on set with boys.’ Brooklyn, who is married to American tennis ace Andy Roddick, also had time to tell her top-five crush list to GQ, with some leftfield choices emerging.

Despite their adoption plans being further down the road, Decker explains that she was inspired by her aunt, a Special Olympics athlete.