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In this year only De Luxe models were numbered, starting with 1-D, and often the final D was omitted.

It should be noticed that LSD always assumes an increasing-time order from root to tips, i.e the date of a node is smaller than that of its children. The input file must contain one tree per line: An input date file is optional.

You can also use the pre-compiled files in the `bin` folder but sometimes it might not work if the configuration of your -a root_date -z leaves_date (to estimate relative dates) further options can be specified (-f -o -c -v -n -r -g -p ...). Option -c is recommended to take into account the temporal constraints (date of a node = date of its ancestors).

The file should have each rate per line which corresponds to each tree in the Input_tree_file, for example: If there are more than 1 outgroups, than they must be monophyletic in the input trees.