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I reasoned that someone doesn’t talk about the future (holidays, wedding invites, marriage, babies etc.), introduce you to their family, friends or co-workers, or talk about their feelings, unless they’re serious about you.

In truth, emotionally available people with integrity are responsible with their words.

It could be argued further that dating apps have warped people’s expectations of what romance even : too many potential partners can create an indefinite (and therefore harmful) expectation of each partner being ‘more perfect’ than the last.

There is a danger that, when people actually do begin a relationship to which they wish to commit, the normalisation of short-term, emotionally-void relationships will lead to an inability – or even unwillingness – to patch things up when the situation goes awry.

It felt, as all-too-often these situations do, as if we’d known each other much longer, thanks to us hitting some key milestones.