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(in preparation) A study of the optical stimulated luminescence dating method and its application to young geological sediments.

(to be defended at the Laboratory of analytical chemistry) Buylaert J. (started in 2002) Chronostratigraphy and luminescence dating of the aeolian deposits of the western Chinese loess plateau: a contribution to the investigation of the terrestrial record of the Quaternary climate oscillations. - The last Interglacial palaeosol in the Belgian loess belt: TL-age record.

(1998) The stratigraphy, sedimentology and thermoluminescence dating of the Upper Kalahari beds of western Zimbabwe. (in preparation) A critical comparison and evaluation of methods for determination of the annual radiation dose in luminescence dating of sediments. - "Investigations on the origin of the equivalent dose distributions in Dutch coversand" Radiation Measurements. M., De Corte F., Van den haute P., Fuchs M., Murray A. Exploring the methodology of optically stimulated luminescence dating and comparison of optical and 14C ages of Late Weichselian coversands in the southern Netherlands. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 490, 598-613.

(to be defended at the Laboratory of analytical chemistry) Vandenberghe D.

Laschamp and Olby flows of the ChaƮne des Puys in the French Massif Central, was frustrated by anomalous fading of the TL.