Updating altell phone software

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the promotional campaign featured this notice on television and the website: "Our lawyers would like to inform you some of the characters you see here are not associated with Alltel. The characters, not our lawyers." In the first commercial, at an Alltel store, Alltel representative Chad spoke to representatives of five competitors to his circle. The third commercial took place in a court room, with the faces of the other carriers blurred.

After that, Alltel started a series of commercials involving Chad, bragging about Alltel's service and using the theme music "Come and Get Your Love".

Alltel Wireless was a wireless service provider, primarily based in the United States.

Before acquisitions by Verizon Wireless and AT&T, it served 34 states and had approximately 13 million subscribers.

Alltel utilized roaming agreements with competing providers to provide coast-to-coast service.