Updating dbml

This is also a good reminder – at least to me – that quite a few Visual Studio problems can be solved by the various reset flags available via the devenv command line switches.

Just a few days ago I got my toolbox mangled by a bad component install that actually cause VS to crash on startup.

updating dbml-8updating dbml-47updating dbml-35

C:\projects2008\Time Trakker\Time Trakker Business\model\Time Well, I opened the file and looked at the error list – according to the error list it’s a parsing error at a / with no line number and not even a filename. I remember odd parser behavior when upgrading between the beta version and the final release.

I think the change at the time was an encoding change from UTF-16 to UTF-8 or something along those lines that caused the document not to be readable. I checked encoding saved the file and validated the XML – no problem there.

Apparently at one of the many times that VS starts and complains about a package load failure – you know those failures where you usually have no idea what you’re consenting to exactly :-} - I must have unknowingly unloaded the DBML parsing package.

The fix is to run devenv /Reset Skip Pkgs: This fires up Visual Studio and reloads all packages that were previously skipped.

Undoing checkout on the dbml file from TFS then rebuilding while the project is still checked out will allow the build to succeed, but as soon as undo on the project or check in on the project is done the build fails again.