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This includes, but is not exclusive to, PVR client addons for PVR software and hardware such as Argus TV, DVBLogic DVBLink, DVBViewer, For The Record, Tvheadend, Media Portal, Myth TV, Next PVR (formerly GB-PVR), VDR, Windows Media Center, and Enigma2-based DVR set-top boxes such as Dreambox, DBox2, and Vu .

updating dbox2-69

This release stays frozen in time as much as possible.

Ubuntu releases updated software versions to fix security problems and other important bugs, but they won’t just update software to add new features or bump the version number.

First of all, an important terminology clarification in regards to this article is needed, as when we refer to "Live TV" here we are only talking about traditional broadcast television systems using standard digital television or analog television, like you normally receive through a coaxial cable from a Television antenna, cable, or satellite dish.

This means that the Live TV reception to your house comes foremost from terrestrial television signals using a cable television, satellite service, or over-the-air television using a physical TV-tuner adapter or network attached TV-tuner appliance hardware.

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