Updating hyper terminal

Basically, this highlights actual commands in green while highlighting non-commands in red.

This is useful to make sure what you are actually typing is a command.

For example, we can run a script whenever the current working directory is changed in order to run the Hyper is a terminal app that's built with Java Script using React for the UI and packaged with Electron to make it available as a desktop app across Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. The configuration file is where settings such as font size, colors, shells (e.g. One important note is that plugins will overwrite your own config values specified in There are many Hyper theme plugins (with a lot of them listed in the awesome-hyper repository.

The best parts of Hyper are its UI, plugin system, and configurability. Personally, I'm using the hyper-night-owl theme since it matches the Night Owl theme I use in VS Code.

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