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This morning we shipped the May 2018 update of the C/C extension for Visual Studio Code, the most significant update to this extension in its 2-year history!

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Here, location depends on Visual Studio Version %App Data%\Microsoft\Visual Studio\11.0\Reflected Schemas -For VS 13 Solution 4 Next, reset the Settings from the following location.

Tools- Refresh Local Cache Solution 7 Delete file in Your Project Solution 8 Delete .psess File in your Project Solution 9 Re-Install Visual Studio ( Backup everything) Please comment below for any help or you can also give your own solutions that you encountered and solved.

This update includes: You can find the full list of changes in the release notes.

With this update, you can now specify the Intelli Sense include Path to be searched recursively by appending “**” at the end of paths.

Also, this new syntax doesn’t apply to the “browse.path” setting, which performs recursive search by default when no wildcards are appended.