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Apple previous took Group Face Time offline while working on a fix.Apple has released i OS 12.1.3, which fixes a number of small issues, including an issue in Messages that could affect scrolling through photos in the Details view of a message thread, a problem that caused audio distortion on 2018 i Pad Pros, and a Car Play error on the i Phone XS, i Phone XS Max, and i Phone XR.If you have limited space on your device or software update isn't working for whatever reason, you can update using i Tunes.

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Apple has released i OS 12.3.1, which fixes a bug that could prevent users from placing or receiving Vo LTE calls from their i Phone.

There are also two bugs fixed in Messages, one that could prevent the Unknown Senders filter from functioning properly, and one that could stop the Report Junk link in messages from unknown senders from appearing.

Apple has released i OS 12.1.2, which fixes a bug with e SIM activation in the i Phone XS, i Phone XS Max, and i Phone XR.

This update also fixes a bug that could affect cellular connectivity on those i Phones.i OS 12.1.1 has arrived with a new Face Time user interface and Face Time Live Photo capture.

Once a developer updates their app past your maximum i OS, a compatible version can never be downloaded again.

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    You can update your TV's software over the internet or by using a USB flash drive.

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