Adlut home cam live - Updating reverse lookup zones

I have recently began using spiceworks to monitor my systems and the report told me I had issues with my reverse DNS entries.

It isn't the end of the world, because I can just delete the records manually and run ipconfig /registerdns. DHCP and DNS are installed on our 2x Server 2012 R2 domain controllers (2012 R2 PDC and 2019 DC..issue has been experienced for years when they were both on 2012 R2).

When initially installing and configuring Windows DNS server, one of the first tasks to perform is the creation of forward lookup zones (and possibly reverse lookup zones).

Problem I am running into is the reverse DNS zone (which I created a new one) is not populating.

Am I missing a something that would be stopping this from populating? When I get a change to dig around on my servers today, I will give you an update.

The funny thing is if I set up the client in the TCP/IP advanced properties to "REGISTER this connection's addresses in DNS" The forward zone then gets updated!