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A green light display on the front indicates that your Sky box problems have been resolved.

If your Sky digital box has become unresponsive to the remote control commands, turn off the mains of the digital box and the television.

LNB settings determine whether or not your Sky Box can receive satellite signals, so if the box is not responding, it could be due to an LNB fault. You can access your LNB settings by going to your menu system (press Select on the remote) and choosing the Settings option (it’s the option to the far left, with a spanner next to it).

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Sometimes the Sky Box won’t turn on because the batteries in your Sky remote are getting too weak to work.

Replacing the batteries may help resolve the problem.

You can let go of the button but will need to wait for approximately 10 minutes while the software downloads.

Once the software has been installed, your digital box should operate perfectly.

The digital Sky Box may also become unresponsive if it is overdue for a software update.