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directive is a numerical value used by slave servers to determine the length of time to wait before issuing a refresh request in the event that the master nameserver is not answering. ( 2001062501 ; serial 21600 ; refresh after 6 hours 3600 ; retry after 1 hour 604800 ; expire after 1 week 86400 ) ; minimum TTL of 1 day 1 IN PTR dns1.

If the master has not replied to a refresh request before the amount of time specified in the directive is the amount of time other nameservers cache the zone's information. dns1 IN A dns2 IN A server1 IN A server2 IN A ftp IN A IN A mail IN CNAME server1 mail2 IN CNAME server2 www IN CNAME server1$ORIGIN 1.0.10.

Each zone file may contain directives and resource records.

In BIND implementations this is defined to be a 10 digit field.

This value MUST increment when any resource record in the zone file is updated.

However, when placed together in a single file, they become easier to understand.

The following example shows a very basic zone file.

Increasing this value allows remote nameservers to cache the zone information for a longer period of time, reducing the number of queries for the zone and lengthening the amount of time required to proliferate resource record changes. Next, two nameservers are listed as authoritative for the domain.