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The most reliable and easy way is, of course, to use one of the provided activators.You may find yourself in a situation where some activator is not working. Each version needs its own activator, so if you haven’t managed to activate Windows 7 Ultimate for the first time, do not rush to find a working product key, just download another activator file and try again. Using an activator program has many advantages over using a license key.

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For example, if your computer is non-genuine because you’ve attempted to move a hard drive containing an OEM copy of Windows to an entirely new computer, Microsoft won’t help you make that copy of Windows genuine again.

When you purchase a computer that comes with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows 8, that copy of Windows is tied to your computer’s hardware.

The site has selected the best activators and license keys for any version of Win 7.

There are several ways to activate it, using either the license key or download Windows 7 activator.

In fact, the entire activation system is simplified to a single button push.