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I think women marry expectations: They see the reality of someone, but they think they can change it. I hung in there for a while, until there came a time when I couldn’t anymore.

But also, my expectations of a relationship had a really high benchmark because of my father.

He was so good at everything: He could fix a car, he could do electrical work, he could build anything, he was a problem solver.

That means you have to be independent and make decisions.

The kids' schedules came first and my career came second, even though I was the main moneymaker. When I'd go away to promote albums, my husband came with as my manager, which was a good thing. You hope your partner understands the kids have to come first a lot of times.

I think men go through different phases of their life, though. I was just getting started in my career when I became a mother: I had my first child at 24, my second at 26, and my third at 30.