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Perhaps the most highly regarded dish is the Tea Leaf Salad.The base is fermented tea leaves tossed with nuts, cabbage, tomato, and other bits like ginger, sesame seeds, and mung beans, coated in an oil-based dressing.

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Look for Ciambotta (vegetable stew), Pasta e Fagioli (pasta & beans), Minestra (cabbage, leafy greens, white beans), and Roasted Red Pepper Antipasto.

Make this simple ciambotta tonight and serve with a generous hunk of crusty bread and vegan wine.

It’like the Ethiopian version of endless breadsticks, but better.

Beyond being incredibly addictive, the injera serves a practical purpose: it is your utensil. Like many of the culture’s traditional dishes, injera is already vegan.

The strong flavor of the tea leaves is mellowed out by the additional ingredients, making for a unique dish unparalleled by other cuisines.