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This leads to her one-day trying to inconspicuously follow Lamont to where he goes in his van after practicing. Lamont and Alex's dad compromise to an agreement where Lamont can live there for free until Alex's dad can find a tenant.

With Alex knowing this and also knowing that Lamont is homeless, he tells him to go to a modern apartment complex where his dad is trying to get a tenant for a room he owns. Later, before the big Liberty Tournament the players are looking forward to, Lamont tells the team that he received an offer for a 10-day contract from the Philadelphia 76ers and he was going to accept it.

However, the Lions have been successful, winning every game in the tournament.

While the game is going on, Alex's mother drives Julie to the game, then goes to the stadium where Lamont is playing a game to try to convince Lamont to come to their game despite the fact that his van has broken down before he can leave for the airport.

Without a good coach and with a dream of winning the Liberty Tournament and defeating their school's rivals, the Warriors, Alex and his friends are determined to find their own Judah Macabee to coach their team.