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πŸ˜‚ #soinlove #adventurers #activegetaway #romanticgetaway #nthqld #thisismagneticisland A post shared by ALI WELLNESS πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ (@alioetjen) on And while some may argue that it's because Ali, 32, and Taite, 28, simply want to show the world they're loved up, other critics believe that the nature in which they've been flaunting their romance is questionable.In the last two weeks alone, the couple further fuelled engagement speculation after they were spotted jewellery shopping while on vacation in Queensland.

, the bubbly blonde chose Roberto Martinez, an insurance agent from Colorado.

The two got engaged on the show’s finale and dated for 18 months before breaking things off.

Word is, they even went to check out wedding chapels.

Then, in what appeared to be their most cringe-worthy publicity stunt to date, Taite teased that they had "baby news" to announce on an episode of Yesterday, the bank manager from Melbourne was also seen partying with his mates at the Grapevine Gathering festival at Victoria's Yarra Valley -- and Ali was nowhere to be seen.

Although things were tough for Martinez and Fedotowsky, the two have moved on.