Who is bobby cannavale dating now

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Even though the couple was snapped sharing some sweet moments on the New York city set, Byrne admitted she was "initially nervous" to work together."Clearly, it could have not been a good idea, but it was very fun to have a really great friend on set," Byrne said.

"It was nice to share our day."The film is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day 2014.

Now that we made it clear about Rose and Bobby’s relationship status, let’s move on to their children.

Their first son was born on 1 February 2016 and is currently 2 years of age.

As mentioned earlier, in an interview with "The formality isn’t a draw for me, but we’ll do it one day. It would be great if everyone in Australia could get married though [gay marriage is still not yet recognized under Australian law]. But looks like they still treat each other as spouse.